The body reacts to cold and heat by adjusting the blood stream to different parts of the body, like hands, fingers and feet. But the body can not adjust the blood stream to your head. This to ensure the brains function during all conditions. That is why the colder it gets, the more heat you loose from the head by radiation, or even worse, by conduction in the water. You keep warmer with an effective hood.


The H1 7mm Hood features a 7mm double layered protection in critical heat loss areas and glideskin seals for the neck and face. Waterproof H1 7mm includes the unique HAVS (Hood Air Venting System) which uses one-way valves to vent annoying air build-up in the hood.

This diving hood is available as:

5/7 mm H1 Venting Hood
5/7 mm H1 Venting Hood without bib

3D Shaped Anatomical Sculpting
Glideskin Seals
HAVS Hood Air Venting System (Double Valves)
I-Span Superstretch Nylon
Bonded High Quality Nylon Thread
Material: Neoprene
Reflective Logo

Colour: Black.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Product Sheet for H1 Hoods (PDF)

Size Chart for H1 & Hydra Hoods (Unisex) (PDF)

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