The most slim and comfortable Dry Glove System ever fielded! ANTARES is a follow up of the Modular Quick Change Solution QCS Oval and is designed with oval rings with minimal volume and ergonomic design. This gives the diver a slim, comfortable and ergonomic Dry Glove System. The design follows the arm, wrist and hand anatomy and the system feels like a natural component on the drysuit.

Complete kit for two hands. Includes silicone seals.

The Antares is for use with all our ISS Oval Ring Systems found on the D1 Hybrid, D7Pro ISS and D10Pro ISS models without any modifications.

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Antares Manual Movie >>>
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Our Latex DryGlove HD fits the Antares "like a glove".
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Antares Kit includes:
2 pcs - Oval Stiff Rings
2 pcs - Oval Glove Rings
2 pcs - Oval Spanner Rings - Blue
2 pcs - Oval Spanner Rings - Green
2 pcs - Thin O-Rings - Black
2 pcs - Thick O-Rings - Red
1 pcs - Lube Stick
2 pcs - Pressure Equalization Tubes
2 pcs - Silicone Wrist Seals - Black, Standard

* Gloves not included.

*2 (3XL/t+ suits have larger wrist rings and is NOT compatible with Antares.)

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