In only 20 seconds the VIEW Lens system can be turned into goggles equipped with corrective lenses.

This requires only an add-on assembly rather than a complete exchange of lenses, so the goggle does not need to be taken apart. In addition to greatly reducing the assembly time, these goggles are offered with corrective lenses at a lower price than our competitors.

The nose bridge is inserted
through the lenses.

The side clips are clipped
onto the eye cups by
applying light pressure.

Corrective Lenses for V-500A Platina Goggle or VPS-500A Platina Parts Kit

These versatile +/- corrective lenses can be inserted into the VPS-500A Parts Kit to customize a pair of prescription goggles. With just two lenses and one VPS-500A strap kit the swimmer has a customized pair of goggles and a whole new vision underwater. Available in 0.5 diopter increments from –1.0 to –8.0, and 1.0 increments from –8.0 to –10.0. With a variety of +/- diopters to choose from, these no fuss smoke and blue lenses are easy to assemble and adjust as well as being very comfortable with soft eye seals creating the perfect custom swimming goggle.

Please note: If purchasing the VPS-500A Parts Kit - Two lenses are required to complete the goggle.

From -1.0 to -10.0 (a total of 16 diopters)
• Increments of 0.5 (from -1.0 to -7.0)
• Increments of 1.0 (from -8.0 to -10.0)

From +1.0 to +6.0 (a total of 10 diopters)
• Increments of 0.5 (from +1.0 to +5.0)
• Increments of 1.0 (from +5.0 to +6.0)

• Super anti-fog treatment
• 100% UV protection
• Cushion seal type face pad
• Available in Left or Right
• Negative Diopters: -0.0 > -10.0
• Positive Diopters: +0.0 > +6.0

Use with V-500A Goggle or VPS-500A Parts Kit

Blue (BL), Smoke (SK)

Materials Used:
• Eye Cup: Polycarbonate
• Face Pad: Hypoallergenic T.P.E. Seal

Assembly Video:


Super Anti-Fog
VIEW's Super Anti-Fog treatment provides long-lasting protection against fogging caused by perspiration and heat. Wetting the inside of the lenses before use creates a film of water that ensures a clear field of view and allows the treatment to work effectively.
T.P.E. Seal
VIEW's hypo-allergenic T.P.E. seals provide maximum comfort and water-tightness over extended periods of use. The T.P.E. seals are sensitive to the skin and are able to be manufactured in numerous color combinations, unlike surgical grade silicone.
VIEW's UV Cut technology provides superior protection from harmful ultraviolet (U.V.) rays. Increasing exposure to U.V. rays which damage the skin and eyes has become a serious problem. U.V. protection provides greater eye protection during outdoor use.

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