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20/04/17 - SF-0104 Hyflex Switch is a WINNER!
In this months Scuba Diving Magazine their review section, ScubaLab, did a 2017 Fin Review. Guess which pair came out on top? Yep, the TUSA SF-0104 Hyflex Switch.

Read the full article here.

SF0104 Hyflex Switch Fins

10/02/17 - New TUSA Bags
Three new Travel Roller Bags are available, in Small, Medium and Large.

BA-0202 Roller Travel Bag (Large)
BA-0203 Roller Travel Bag (Medium)
BA-0204 Roller Travel Bag (Small)

Two new Mesh Bags are available, a Backpack and a Roller Bag.

BA-0103 Mesh Backpack
BA-0301 Mesh Roller Bag

24/01/17 - New Products
Three more new items for 2017 are now available.

SF0104 Hyflex Switch Fins
TA-0902 Universal Bungee Strap
BC0102B Soverin Alpha BC Jacket

13/01/17 - New Products
Three of the new items for 2017 are now available, including the new Solar Powered IQ-1204 DC Solar Link Dive Computer featuring Bluetooth connectivity.

IQ-1204 DC Solar Link Dive Computer
RS-1001 Regulator
SS-0001 Safe-Second

15/07/16 - New Product
A new mask accessory from TUSA is now available. Find out more below.

UA-0510 Universal Optical Frame Kit

10/03/16 - New Product
A new mask from TUSA will be available in March along with a new Titanium Mini Knife. Find out more below.

M3001 Freedom Tri-Quest Mask
FK-14 Titanium Mini Pointed Knife
UF-0103 Snorkel Fin

17/02/16 - New Products
A new fin and mask from TUSA will be available in March. Find out more below.

SF0102 Imprex Duo Fin
M1002 Freedom Tina Mask


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