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     IQ-950/900-PC ZEN PC KIT

Model#: IQ-900-PC    

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The IQ-900-PC kit features a computer interface cable and is compatible with the IQ-900 Zen and IQ-950 Zen Air wrist computers. The kit allows the user to download dive log and store in an electronic dive log on a PC.

  • Dive profiles are graphically rendered on your computer screen or print outs.
  • Dive time, surface interval, dive number, depths and decompression status, maximum depth, bottom time, tank pressure, water temperature and all warning points entered during the dive.
  • Up to 60 dives can be downloaded.
  • Software only works with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
  • Computer not included.

  • CLICK HERE - IQ-900 Zen Dive Computer.
  • CLICK HERE - IQ-950 Zen Air Dive Computer.

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