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 Housing Accessories






Fathom 80 Wide Angle Lens

The Fathom 80 is a zoom through optic designed for the latest Canon compact camcorders.

Compatible with the following Canon camcorders: S20, S21, S30, S200

Fathom 90 Wide Angle Lens

This remarkable Fathom Imaging 90 degree optic is designed to work with the lasted wide angle Canon camcorders (G10 & XA10) and supports full zoom through.

Compatible with the following Canon camcorders: G10, XA10

Fathom Wetmate 65 Wide Angle Lens and Caddy

This Fathom Imaging Wet mate lens for Canon camcorders is designed to work with the standard Bluefin flat port and easily mounts on a caddy on the top of the housing when not in use.

Compatible with the following Canon camcorders: G10, XA10, S20, S21, S30, S200


Magnetic Green Water Filter

Magnetic Green Water filter.

Blue Water Filter

Replacement blue water filter.


 Service Kits

Housing O-Ring Kit

Replacement O-Ring Kit for routine maintenance.

Handle Thread Ring Kit

Replacement thread rings for housing handle.



Monitor Shade

Replacement shade for monitor.

Battery Pack

Replacement battery pack.

Back Latch Kit

Replacement monitor back latch kit.

Travel Case

Pelican 1520 Case with custom die cut foam.

Housing Float

The float brings the housing close to neutral with the all glass .

Tripod Mount (Podless)

Tripod Mount (Podless) for Bluefin Housing.

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