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 GoBe S 500 Search

The ultimate flashlight system. Optimized to deliver maximum penetration with a tight 8° spot beam, the GoBe S 500 Search is ideal for applications where beam distance and run-time are critical, such as search-and-rescue, signalling or technical/cave diving.

• 8 degree spot beam optimized for light penetration in adverse conditions.
• 500 lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard.
• Run-times from 2.2 up to 18 hours, perfect for extended uses.
• Innovative design allows light heads to be interchanged for ultimate flexibility.
• Waterproof to 120 metres.
• Engineered with the highest level CREE LEDs and optimized firmware.
• Custom engineered reflector optimizes the light to provide the most efficient and effective distribution for all your outdoor needs.

What's In The Box: GoBe S Handle & 500 Search Light Head, GoBe Charge Cable, Lanyard.

* The only difference between the two GoBe Search models are the bodies. There is a slight weight difference between them, one is a GoBe+ with a charge time of 3hrs, and the other is a GoBe S with a charge time of 5hrs. This is because of the different power amps.


High - 500
Med - 225
Low - 70
Ext - 35
SOS - 70
Run Time (Hrs):
High - 2.2
Med - 4.4
Low - 18
Ext - 36
SOS - 54
Beam Angle:
Charge Time: 5 hrs
Size: 5.2" x 1.9" x 1.9"
Weight: 193 gr.


GoBe™ lights have 3 standard power levels and an auxiliary mode with SOS
& Extended run time settings.

LED Indicator: One indicator light
behind the power button clearly displays battery status during use.

High:   2.2 hrs   500 Lumens
Med:   4.4 hrs   225 Lumens
Low:   18.0 hrs   70 Lumens
Ext:   36.0 hrs   35 Lumens
SOS:   54.0 hrs   70 Lumens
 Handle & Charger:

Charge it anywhere with the USB rechargeable system that slides into
the external charge port.

Charge Times:
Depending on the Amperage of the USB Adapter, charge times will vary:

GoBe S (2.6Ah)
2 Amps - 5 hrs

The LED indicator displays charge status: 100% - Solid Green,
50-99% - Flashing Green,
25-50% - Flashing Yellow,
0-25% - Flashing Red.


Compatible With All Current Mounting Options:

● Bar Mount
● Photo Ball
● Video Locline
● YS Mount

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