Bluefin Housing

With true one-touch white balance at your fingertips, and the most extensive, easiest to use system on the market, Bluefin is the enthusiasts choice for great video in a compact package.


Controls: Intuitive Right handle and Left handle system.

Monitor Back: 2.7" Sony high resolution LCD

Includes locking bayonet mounted flat port, internal flip filter.

Size: 4.75" x 5.5" x 8.75" (12 x 14 x 22.2 cm)

Weight: 6.95 lbs (3.15 kg) dry

Canon 2011 Video Systems
including: XA10 & HF G10, S30, S21, S20, S200

Sony: Due to changes in the electronics of Sony Camcorders for 2011, they are currently not compatible.


Left Handle:
Enter, Navigate Up, Down, Left, Right.

Right Handle:
Zoom +/-, Record, White Balance, Focus Toggle.

Light and Motion's advanced handle design allows places the key controls for UW video all at your right hand. The left handle adds access to the complete camera menu. No other system can match our ease of use and remarkable one touch white balance.


Style: 16x9, 2.7" Sony high resolution LCD

Power: 4x AA Batteries

Run Time: Up to 8 hours.

Controls: Contrast, Brightness, Colour.

Misc: Low Battery, Water Alarm, Record Light.

Light and Motion's integrated monitor design makes managing your video easy. The wet controls let you adjust for the dive conditions and the high resolution screen allows you to confirm your white balance and access the camera's control menu at the left handle.


Light and Motion teamed with Fathom Imaging to design all glass lenses that specifically complement the optical characteristics of the high-end consumer camcorders produced by Canon cameras.

Bluefin OLED system fits select Canon cameras; currently:
XA10 & HF G10, S30, S21, S20, S200

- Removable Flat Port        - 80 Degree Wide Angle
- Wet Mate 65 Degree        - 90 Degree Wide Angle

For lens compatibility, see the Compatibility Chart.



Great Controls: Beyond the features list is the real world user interface. We are proud of our finger tip handle controls that are the best in the business. Our pre-programmed one touch white balance control sequences a series of camera commands with a single button press. (G10 & XA10 utilize a two touch system)

Get instantaneous white-balance, so your subjects will keep their stunning colour, while your buddy's video will be all one colour with green shapes moving thru the frame.


Integrated System Design: Our removable handles, locking bayonet lens mount, un-tethered camera tray, and integrated monitor back are modular elements that are easy to use and easy to maintain.

  • Un-tethered camera tray easily slides out with our one-push release system.

  • Twist-locking removable monitor back, allows easy access for o-ring and battery maintenance.
  • Details:

    Sweating the Details: Diving with our housings reveal the attention to detail that make Light and Motion customers enjoy the sport of videography. Our locking bayonet lens mount, double o-ring seals, minimal housing penetrations, un-tethered camera tray with multiple camera support, and locking monitor back are the type of details that set Light and Motion apart.

  • Internal flip colour-correction filter (blue water, green water filter available upon request).

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